Rug Cleaning Barnstaple

Get in touch with us today if you want to book rug cleaning in Barnstaple or throughout the local area. Our professional, highly experienced team can get your rugs back to a better condition by removing stains and odours and freshening up their appearance! We can clean a wide range of rugs including antique varieties that require special care and attention. No matter the age or material of your rug, we can tailor our cleaning methods to suit all your specific requirements. Furthermore, we offer a quick, flexible service and can visit your home or business premises at the most convenient time for you. So, whether something has stained your rug, or you want to give them a spring clean, we are the company to call.

For further details or for a free quote on our services, please contact us.

High-Quality Rug Cleaning

We offer expert cleaning for rugs of all shapes and sizes, and we have happy customers based across North Devon! Our team take pride in their work as we always use the latest techniques to leave our customers with the freshest and most hygienic results possible. Whether you need our services for one rug or several throughout your property, we always provide quick turnaround times as well as competitive prices, so you’ll never need to go anywhere else. Our professionals can help you maintain your home accessories with professional cleans that will get them back to looking their best!

With our services, we can restore your rug’s natural colour while removing any odours and stains. As well as this, with our techniques you can expect fast drying times without any shrinkage or the need to re-shape the rug.

Spruce Up Your Antique Rugs

Antique rugs should be cleaned by a specialist team to ensure the fibres are treated with proper care. This is to ensure your rug is not damaged by any harsh chemicals or cleaning methods, while still getting a thorough clean with all dust and grime being removed. From handwoven designs to delicate, traditional styles, we can tailor our approach to ensure we protect your rug and offer it the most suitable care.

Contact Our Rug Cleaning Experts

If you want to book expert rug cleaning in Barnstaple, make our team your top choice!

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